Travel Diaries

Hi everyone! So I am currently in Bali, Indonesia and I wanted to my trip with you love bugs! The flight alone almost killed me, for some reason it was extremely difficult for me to sleep on the plane :( I had a layover in Taiwan which was pretty dope (I am part Taiwanese for those of you guys wondering!) It was pretty awesome to walk around the airport and wait around for my next flight. At the Taoyuan Airport they have a lot of food places and gift shops you can check out.

I finally got to Bali headed over to a resort in Kuta Beach. The room had an amazing view of the ocean. The restaurants in the hotel served pretty diverse Indonesian/American food except it's a bit pricey. I would probably recommend trying street food if you're on a budget. I tried the spa at the resort and it was simply amazing! It literally put me to sleep! Balinese massage is no joke, it was around $100 for 1.5 hour massage. When I tried a Balinese massage on the streets it was around $10 an hour including tip. So if you want you can get massages for really cheap!

Next stop was Sanur, Indonesia. This place is less touristy. If you're looking to be immersed in Indonesian culture this is the place to be. I had a mea that consisted of half a grilled chicken, green salad, and authentic Indonesian chicken soup for around 10 USD. That can't even get me a full meal at Starbucks back home! Lol

If you're in Bali, you NEED to go to the Bali Zoo!! I've been to a lot of zoos and this one definitely takes the cake! If you're looking for lions, exotic birds, petting zoos, tigers, hands on experience...this is the place! I had the best experience feeding exotic birds, feeding elephants, and even had the chance to ride one!! The restaurants at Bali Zoo (I checked out Wanu) serves authentic Indonesian food and Western style as well. I stayed in the Sanctoo Villas which was by far the best villa I've ever stayed it. 5/5 stars. You have your own private pool, free room service breakfast that you can choose from, and the bathroom is goals. After the zoo to relax, I went to the Sanctoo Spa. The first day I went it was raining, but I honestly didn't mind because the spa has a breathtaking view of a gorgeous waterfall. The sound of the rain and waterfall was simply heaven. The Balinese Massage is very reasonably priced as well. They wash and massage your feet, relax your body, and you can even shower there after your massage. 




 At Sanctoo Villas :)

At Sanctoo Villas :)




I had a pretty crazy (and hectic) summer where I had to travel a lot for work. I wasn't really able to keep up with my usual fitness routine and diet, which really showed! I probably gained around 15lb!! It's totally insane. Luckily, I have the type of body where it's pretty easy for me to gain and lose weight. I started dieting probably around 2.5  weeks ago and have lost 4lbs so far. I keep up on track with my diet by using the app MyFitnessPal where you can log in what you eat everyday and how much calories you burn exercising. I decided to share some of my favorite healthy foods that I have been eating for my diet (for those who go out to eat a lot like me :) ) 


1. Flame Broiler (brown rice, veggies, half chicken half beef, light sauce for dipping)

2. Chipotle (bowl, brown rice, veggies, corn, hot sauce guacamole, lettuce)

3. Urban Plates (salmon/chicken (no sauce), broccolini, mushrooms, kelp noodles, (no bread)

I still eat sweets now and then, but instead of eating the whole thing I break it off in half. 

I will be updating my cheat days, exercises, etc. very soon :) 


Makeup Bag

Hi guys! So I had a pretty crazy weekend last week (my makeup bag getting stolen only added to that craziness!), so I decided to stop in to Sephora to pick up some new makeup. I'm going to share what my FAVORITE products are and exactly how I use them! :) 

1. Contour Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Medium to dark skin tones) I mainly use the middle and left colors for contouring. I contour the sides of my cheeks, under my jaws, and around my hairline. 

2. Tartlette matte shadow palette.This is the perfect eyeshadow palette if you love matte shadows! I use "super mom" all over my lids, "free spirit" the inner corner of my eyes, "wanderer" for my crease, "natural beauty" to deepen my crease, and "dreamer" on the outer corners of my crease. For my eyeshadow primer I use Bare Study by MAC. It's a shimmery nude color. Could even be worn by itself! 

3. "Addiction" by Laura Mercier highlighter. This is perfect if you have medium to dark skin tones! I use this to highlight my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. Try not to use too much since this color REALLY pops!

4. Armani Silk foundation, this foundation is very light so it's not ideal if you're looking for medium to full coverage. I use this foundation as a concealer or to brighten up my under eyes area.

5. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation, my absolute favorite!!! This foundation provides medium coverage to full coverage and is scent free. My face is very sensitive to foundations and this by far is one of my favorites especially because it doesn't break me out. It also control the oil on my skin + has sunscreen in the formula.

6. Better than Sex mascara, my girlfriend recommended this mascara to me and I'm so in love with it! This is perfect for making your lashes extra full and stay curled as well. For my eyeliners I use L'oreal Silkissime in black for my waterline and Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner to make a cat eye look and for my wing liner. It's very easy to use! 

7. Universal powder by Laura Mercier, I use this to set the makeup under my eyes or for baking :)

8. Bobbi Brown concealer in "walnut": I use this to contour my cheekbones. I draw a line on both sides of my cheeks and then use a brush to smoothen it out. 

9. Hourglass Mineral Viel Primer. I was pretty hesitant to buy this at first because it's around $60 I believe, but it's so worth it! You only have to use a little squirt and it makes your makeup last all day.

10. A lot of you girlies have DMed me on my favorite eyelashes, I wear Mykonos by Lilly Lashes :)

11. Eyebrows: Medium brown pomade cream by ABH. I use an angled brush to apply to my eyebrows. 

12. Blush: Mocha by MAC. A very matte, soft pink color. 

13. Lips: Burts Bee's chapstick x Kylie Cosmetics Candy K liner x Candy K matte lippie. My favorite red is Kristen by Kylie Cosmetics for a fun date night! :)


Clear and Brilliant Laser

Hi guys! How is your day going? I had a light gym day today and ramen for lunch at my favorite ramen spot (which is RakiRaki btw) :D I think I might even get tacos for dinner at Taco El Gordo (my favorite taco spot). Their tacos are literally to die for...It's located in Chula Vista for all you taco fans out there in San Diego.

So, I'm writing a Clear and Brilliant laser review as promised. This is my HONEST opinion and results do vary from person to person. I go to Laser Away (located in La Jolla) to get my clear and brilliant laser done every 4 weeks. I have gone two times so far. They have informed me results typically show around 3-6 treatments. The Clear and Brilliant laser is supposed to improve your complexion and clear up any acne you have. I have recently started breaking out on my cheeks which is why I wanted to try this treatment out to see if it would improve my acne.

A very important tip when getting this treatment is to ALWAYS ask for the numbing cream. I don't know if I would be able to do this treatment without any, lol. The pain level I would rate the treatment would probably be around a 3 or 4 out of 10. Mind you I have a pretty big pain tolerance (especially after laser tattoo removal, yikes!) Once your face is all numb, they start the laser treatment. It kind of feels like a hot roller on your face. Some areas are more sensitive than others, such as near your hairline, upper lip, and near your jaw. The rest doesn't feel so bad. After the treatment they put on a vitamin C mask to cool my face down. They also recommend putting on lotion or moisturizer, but I usually skip this since my face tends to break out when there's too much moisture. Afterwards, the next day or two your face tends to feel a bit sandy-kind of like sand paper. Pretty sure this is because your face is exfoliating. My face is a bit red for a day or so, but it goes away pretty fast since my face has a red undertone to it.

So, the big question...Is it worth it? For now, I would say yes. My face hasn't been breaking out on my cheeks as much and my pores have been getting smaller. I still break out every now and then. I'll update this review when I received my 3rd treatment to see if there's any drastic results. So far though, I'm pretty satisfied.

I attached a before and after my first treatment. I'll attach one later after my third one as well. I tried to take the pictures in the same lighting (natural light). This is a picture of the acne on my cheek with no makeup. 


Andi Bagus

Hi loves! I've been wanting to write a blog for awhile now, but i've been so preoccupied with school and traveling I haven't had a chance to. I finally got around to editing some pictures over the weekend. On Saturday I headed over to La Jolla Shores, one of my favorite beaches, it was such a beautiful day. It was not too hot or cold, but finding parking there is always a nightmare since it gets so packed.

 I'm extremely tired, but happy since my summer classes are about to be done (YAY!!!) However, still not too terribly enthusiastic since fall quarter classes are about to begin :( I'll be traveling back home to the Bay Area, which i'm terribly excited about. It's difficult traveling back and forth from school and home, but I love going back home and seeing my friends and family. Next weekend, i'll be celebrating my 21st birthday (Finally !!) in Vegas! I'll keep you guys updated with pictures and food places to go of course :) 

I have been looking for the perfect crochet swimwear in preparation for summer. I stumbled across this amazing brand, Andi Bagus, and instantly fell in love with their swimwear. They were kind enough to send me a few pieces to try out. I love their simple, delicate designs and craftsmanship. Their stuff is handmade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia. Pretty cool right? :)  

The body chain that is featured is by my girl friend, Jessica Fang, which I simply adore. The jewelry she sends me (which is pictured in a lot of my Instagram pictures) is always of the best quality and also amazingly cute. I love her chokers, body chains, anklet, etc. be sure to check her out! 

Andi Bagus:


Pictures were taken at La Jolla Shores in La Jolla, Ca.

Telanjang Suede Bikini (Tan)

made of genuine suede, super soft material. I would recommend hand washing the bikini and letting it air dry in order to preserve the texture. In the pictures below I dressed up this simple bikini with a gold body chain from Jessica Fang. This bikini is very versatile because of the fabric, I think it would look amazing for a desert photo shoot. 

Manik-Manik String Bikini (Sand)

A beautiful crochet bikini embellished with sea shells and beads. Really stunning, I would recommend wearing this with a seashell necklace or anklet. This is made of fairly thick material. I love the fine details of the beading and nice touch of seashells. Reminds me of beautiful Hawaii :)

Kulit Suede Bikini (Sand)

 lovely, pale yellow sand color. I love the mix of crochet with suede. I really love how this bikini fits. I would pair this bikini with a flawy, maxi skirt for the ultimate beach look. I almost didn't want to wear this bikini out since I was scared I would get it dirty, but the suede material is actually very easy to wash! This bikini does offer more coverage compared to the other two. :)